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Top Corporate Trends for 2020

We’ve finally made it: 2020! Not only are we entering a new year, but an entirely new decade. That means more opportunities than ever to start fresh, both in your personal life and your work life. 


To help you jump into the 2020 workplace on the right foot, we’ve rounded up the top four corporate trends we expect to be influencing businesses this year:


1. Customer Service Gets Personal




Despite most of our corporate tasks and communications going digital, the human touch is still just as powerful -- perhaps even more so!  


In 2020, your clients want to be treated as individuals, rather than statistics on a screen. Because of this, it will be essential for you to provide a customised and personalised customer service experience. In other words, every interaction should be uniquely tailored to each client’s specific wants and needs.


Not only will a personalised approach help your business stand out from the digital crowd, but it will also boost your sales: According to Gartner, digital businesses who use smart personalisation will see an increase in profits by as much as 15% in 2020.


Get personal with your clients this year by sending out a customised Happy New Year message and corporate gift to welcome them to another year of business with your company. Be sure to customise each message with the client’s name, and choose an individualised gift, such as this lifestyle planner notebook that is designed to plan and track yearly goals.



2. It’s All Word of Mouth




Again, this 2020 corporate trend is straying from the usual computer-centric approach associated with digital businesses. While recent years have relied on marketing trends such as SEO and social media to advertise your company, 2020 is bringing the focus back to word of mouth. 


Although these other marketing strategies are still important, clients are more skeptical than ever about the numerous businesses trying to reach them online. That means that they are now looking for testimonials, reviews and real, human recommendations before they choose to go into business with a new company. 


Get people talking about your company by adding an unexpected gift to their next order or meeting. This promotional pack of “social media” seeds blossoms into a small garden of wild flowers, which is guaranteed to attract wild busy bees. It’s a cheap, photo-worthy and eco-friendly way to attract some serious buzz to your business in 2020!



3. eCommerce Dominates




While the human side of communications is still holding on in 2020, the same does not go for shopping. This year, eCommerce is expected to reign supreme, knocking out brick and mortar shops by a long shot. 


After all, most of your marketing, customer service and behind-the-scenes tasks have gone digital, so why shouldn’t your products and transactions, too? It’s never been easier to set up an online shop, just as it’s never been easier for your clients to access your products and services online. 


What’s more, the number of eCommerce users in Ireland is projected to grow to 3.6 million in 2020, with an annual revenue of €2.7 billion. Globally, that number reaches the trillions.  

Boost your eCommerce platform in a simple and effective way this year by creating a promotional product everyone and anyone will love, such as this customisable white t-shirt or this customisable tote bag. Both can be printed with the logo, design or artwork of your choosing.


4. Green is King




With the new year and all of its implications -- and global news stories -- people are getting serious about the impact they are having on our planet. This also means that they are starting to pay attention to the impact of the companies they do business with. 


As clients begin shopping smarter in 2020, companies will have two choices: go green or fade away. This means using local resources, biodegradable and recycled materials and eco-friendly processes. Additionally, since consumers will have a crowded green market to choose from, it also means being upfront and authentic about how your business is making eco-friendly choices. 

Luckily for you, there is a huge variety of products that are being created in a green, eco-friendly way -- we have an entire catalogue of them! To show clients that you are taking this movement seriously in 2020, offer them an eco-friendly product they are sure to use, such as this reusable bamboo travel mug.




With so many new opportunities in 2020, be sure you are making the right ones for your business. Good luck, and Happy New Year! 

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