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How to Celebrate This Year's National Workplace Wellbeing Day

Busy schedules, stressful rush hours, endless emails and tweets and updates: It’s no wonder that only 1 in 5 employees are achieving the recommended 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. Now’s the time to show your appreciation for the hard work your dedicated colleagues put in day in and day out and give them a much-needed wellness break--and some well-deserved healthy gifts.

April 12 marks Ireland’s fifth annual National Workplace Wellbeing Day, and companies across the country are showing up to encourage the physical and mental wellness of their valued employees. The countdown has begun, so get in on the action now and find out “How to Celebrate This Year’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day.”

Get Everyone Moving

It’s no secret that the path to good physical health is through daily fitness. But many of us spend our days moving from a seat in our cars or on trains to a seat at our desks and back again. As part of this year’s Wellbeing Day activities, employers are encouraged to arrange a “Lunchtime Mile.”

Scout out a nearby trail or clear sidewalk and organise an office-wide jog, run, cycle or walk. It’ll be like a midday break in primary school all over again, giving your employees a chance to let loose and have some fun in the sunshine. You can thank us when this lunchtime exercise sesh becomes a weekly office event!
Give this day of fitness an additional boost by gifting employees with extra-healthy lemon water bottles that feature your company’s logo. These are sure to inspire them to keep moving!

Focus on Nutrition

It’s easy to get in the habit of making a Starbucks run before work, but relying on a chocolate croissant to get you or your employees through the morning won’t have the best results. For this year’s National Wellbeing Day, surprise your employees with a healthy and tasty treat.

Fill your office kitchen with fruit and invest in an office blender--nothing makes an early meeting more bearable than a strawberry banana smoothie! You can also feature nutrition talks and healthy eating initiatives in order to keep your team happy and fit, and ward off that afternoon sugar crash.
To keep the nutritional ball rolling for longer than just April 12, consider setting up a raffle for a
Smoothie 2 Go mini blender. Your employees will feel appreciated and have a good reason to continue to eat healthily.


Incorporate Office Mindfulness

In the modern workplace, employee wellness means so much more than just good physical health. It’s time to take a holistic approach and focus on your colleagues’ stress management, mental health and social wellbeing. The all-in-one solution? Mindfulness practices.
Start National Wellness Day off right with a group meditation or yoga class. Deep breathing has been proven to combat stress and keep people present and productive. Break out some relaxing music, put on a guided session and watch your office transform into a sanctuary of tranquillity.
If you notice some seriously positive benefits from incorporating mindfulness into the office, consider implementing a weekly or monthly group yoga class. Gift everyone with matching
Cobra fitness and yoga mats or a set of colourful yoga balls that display your company logo to get them excited and keep them counting down until the next class.


Make the 2019 National Wellness Day one to remember by tweeting your activities with the #workwell2019 hashtag and offering employees one of our keepsake healthy products. Whether you opt for a water bottle or a yoga mat, all of our promotional products offer product branding in a variety of designs and colours and use high-quality materials and affordable suppliers.
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