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How to Celebrate Movember at Your Company This Year

celebrate movember at your company 2019


The leaves have almost all fallen, the days are getting shorter and shorter, and the weather has fallen into a routine of rain and cold. You know what that means: Movember! 

Give this gloomy time of the year a fun and important pick-me-up by celebrating this annual tradition in your workplace. Here’s how to start promoting men’s health at your company this year, mustaches recommended:



Grow a Mo, Save a Bro


First created in Australia in 2003, Movember is a global movement that asks men to grow mustaches (known as “mos” by Aussies) in recognition of men’s health every November. This movement was founded because of the mostly preventable crisis affecting men’s health in the 21st century. Prostate and testicular cancer rates are set to double in the coming years, and every minute one man dies from suicide across the world. 


Movember hopes to change these numbers. By 2030, the 5 million people behind the movement hope to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%. 


In addition to sporting a new ‘do, this movement also calls upon people around the world to raise funds and start conversations for men’s health -- in their communities, in their homes and, of course, in their workplaces. 


However, Movember is not exclusive to those of the population who are more follically gifted. Anyone can get involved, mustache or not, by fundraising, hosting or simply talking.


Help everyone in your workplace participate in the festivities by supplying these promotional mo’s. (Hint: For an additional conversation-starting effect, you can also get them in pink!)


grow a mustache for men's health


Get “Mo”-ving For The Cause


One of the best ways to get everyone involved in raising funds for Movember is by getting them out of the office. We all love a field trip -- especially when it’s for a good cause! 


This year, Movember is asking everyone to run or walk 60 kilometres over the 30 days of November, in recognition of the 60 men that we lose to suicide every hour. 


You don’t need a company of athletes to achieve this feat. Ask your employees to go for a walk during their lunch breaks, or organise a weekend run. You can even get involved with a local event, such as this fancy dress “MoRun” in Dublin on November 23. If running isn’t your thing, you can also hike for men’s health in Co. Kerry or go for an early morning swim at different locations around the city. 


Up the ante by making it a competition. Participants can ask friends, family and even other co-workers to back them with donations for each kilometer completed. Whoever finishes November with the most funds raised gets a prize, such as this sleek promotional water bottle! Not only is this a great way to raise money for men’s health, but it’s also helping both the men and the women in your office stay a little healthier. 


fundraising for men's health by running


Learn a Little More About Men’s Health -- The Fun Way


One of the main goals of the Movember movement is to educate men about their health in order to reduce the amount of preventable deaths and illnesses that are affecting them worldwide. 


Because topics such as prostate cancer and mental health may feel a little heavy for a normal office setting, take your education sessions out on the town! 


A pub quiz is a great way to touch on these important topics while also helping your team have some fun this month. Ask employees to split into groups and set an entry fee to go toward your fundraising efforts. Come up with a range of questions, from silly mustache-related queries (“Guess this celebrity mustache”) to facts about men’s wellbeing (“How often should men get checked for cancer?”). Gift the winning team with this promotional travel set, complete with a razor and shaving cream. 


If you don’t want to be in charge of the Q&A, invite your team to a local trivia event, such as this one at Doyle’s Corner in Dublin 7. If a quiz still feels a little stiff, compliment your education with some laughs at this Club Valentine Comedy Club Movember event on November 18.


pub quiz to raise awareness for men's health


Set Goals and Celebrate Your Wins


When you begin your company-wide Movember movement, you should set specific goals for each team or employee to reach. These could be raising a certain amount of money, growing a certain amount of facial hair or hosting a certain amount of Movember-related activities. 


Post your goals in the office for everyone to see, and record daily or weekly updates. A friendly competition will motivate every employee to join in with your work-hosted events, as well as make their own progress outside of company hours. 


End this month with a party to celebrate your wins, and judge those achievements. Set up a panel to rate the mos of the office -- DIY or au naturale -- and select a winner on November 30. Present the lucky Mo Bro or Mo Sista with this customisable medal, which they can proudly display on their desk until next year’s winner is announced!  


Once the winner is announced and everyone has basked in the glory of each ‘stache, it’s time to shave! Join a local Shave Off Party, or follow in the footsteps of this company and ask for donations in exchange for the chance to shave your employees! Don’t forget to supply a promotional razor for all donors! 


shaving the mustache at the end of movember


There’s nothing quite like comical facial hair to brighten up an otherwise gloomy month. Start a new office tradition that everyone will love and benefit from this November, and don’t forget to grow -- or make -- your own mo! 


You can check out all of the Movember-approved products we’ve highlighted here, as well as our wider range of promotional products, at www.inspirepromotionalproducts.ie. Happy growing!