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A Corporate Gift Guide For Everyone At Your Company


It’s officially the season of giving, and that goes for your workplace, too. A good company wouldn’t be able to run without great employees and clients helping it along, so take this chance to show them how much you appreciate their business.


When it comes to giving corporate gifts, be sure to follow these two rules: Try to personalise the gift in order to maximise its value, but don’t overdo it. Keep the gifts in proportion to the person’s relationship with your company in order to avoid any discomfort on the part of the receiver. Oh, and don’t forget to have a little fun! 


To help you choose the right gift for every employee and client at your company, we’ve narrowed this gift guide into three distinct categories. Happy shopping! 


For the 9 to 5ers:


It can be hard to sit at a desk all day, especially in the Irish wintertime. This holiday season, make your employees or client’s 9 to 5 desk job a little more homey with the following gifts:


desk gifts


  • A Desk Plant - Add a little life to any desk with a cute succulent or desktop planter. This will show a valued client or employee that you are looking forward to watching your professional relationship grow in the coming year. Keep things simple with a customisable and biodegradable desk plant such as this one, or, for a little extra fun, check out this planter that doubles as a speaker. 

  • Premium Coffee or Tea - No 9 to 5 workday would be complete without a hot cup to get you through, but break room coffee and tea isn’t always ideal. Instead, help your client or employee make it over the afternoon slump with a more deluxe option. This box can be filled with a variety of tea bags or coffee sachets, and it also works as a desk accessory, so their next pick-me-up is never out of reach. 

corporate desk accessories

  • A Personalised Coffee Mug - Nothing shows corporate appreciation like a funny mug, especially when it speaks to a client’s or employee’s unique personality. Trade out their old mug printed with your company logo with one that feels a little more thoughtful. This one can be printed with any image of your choosing, and it is covered with heat sensitive coating. That means that when hot coffee or tea is added, it transforms from a plain black mug to one printed with a surprise! 

  • A Desk Organiser - Working 9 to 5 ain’t a way to make a living — not if your desk is a mess, that is. Take away the stress of a chaotic workspace with some cute and trendy desk organisers. This pencil cup is perfect for the worker that is always losing pens (and forgetting the time), while this post-it note holder makes jotting down ideas a little more organised. 


For the Business Trip-ers:

For many of us, business means travel. And while getting out of the office can seem like an ideal way to spend the work week, traveling for business has its share of ups and downs. Help your clients or employees experience a few more ups with these corporate travel gifts: 

business trip gift guide

  • A Toiletry Bag - For those who are constantly hitting the road, a durable and quality toiletry bag is a must. Don’t make your clients throw their toothbrush into just any bag when they can travel in style instead! This one is a sleek, waterproof leather, perfect for planes, trains or automobiles, while this one comes with a hook for each use in hotel rooms. 

  • A Passport Cover - Show International clients your appreciation for their business with a professional passport cover. This one has six credit card slots and multiple storage pockets, as well as an RFID blocking inner layer, which is designed to keep their cards secure. Who said an International flight had to be stressful?

passport cover corporate gift

  • A Business Card Holder - On a business trip, you never know when your next networking opportunity is going to be. It could be with the man sitting next to you on the plane, or with an expert in your industry speaking at a convention. Never let your employees or clients go empty handed with a reliable card holder. With this one, you can choose from a variety of colours and add a name or logo to the front.  

  • Pocket Notebook - If a client or employee is lugging around a company laptop to every destination, they won’t want to add the extra weight of a big notebook, too. With a pocket-sized notebook, they’ll always feel prepared without feeling weighed down. This one is light and comes with an attachable pen, making it easy to carry everywhere from a taxi to a meeting room. 


For the Commuters:


Even on the best days, a commute can be stressful. There could be rain, traffic, noisy bus goers or a long line for coffee at the train station. For those employees or clients traveling a long way, or even a short way, to get to the office everyday, make the morning and afternoon commute a little more enjoyable with these useful gifts:


commuter corporate gifts


  • A Travel Mug - Everything is worse without coffee, especially when rush hour is involved. Ensure that your employees and clients get their caffeine fix with a trendy and durable travel mug. This one is fully leak-proof and vacuum sealed, so no matter where their commute takes them, they’ll stay dry and hydrated. Bonus: It’s more sustainable (and cost-effective) than grabbing a cup to go at their corner shop coffee shop!

  • Headphones - The only way to survive a commute (in addition to having a mug of coffee) is by plugging in your headphones and tuning the rest of the world out. Give the gift of peace with noise canceling headphones, so your employees or clients will only hear their choice of music, podcasts or Netflix episode, rather than the loud guy on his phone next to them. These ones are comfortable and foldable, making them easy to store and break out whenever needed. 

gift guide for commuters

  • A Power Bank - Headphones will be of no use to your commuter if their phone dies, which is highly possible if it is their only source of entertainment on a long bus ride. A power bank will keep their battery -- and spirits -- high no matter how long the commute is. This one is compatible with all types of mobile devices, including iPads, and it can be engraved or digitally printed with any design. 

  • A Tote Bag - Finally, your commuting employee or client needs somewhere to put their travel mug, headphones and portable charger, as well as whatever else they are carrying day in and day out. A tote bag is a no-fuss way of holding all this and more, and staying eco-friendly at the same time. This one can be printed with your company logo, or any other design of your choosing, and it is big enough to carry a laptop, a water bottle and all of the previously mentioned commuter essentials. 


Everyone at your company deserves to feel like they had an impact this year, and a personalised gift is the perfect way to say thank you and happy holidays! 


Check out all of the corporate gifts we’ve mentioned here, as well as our wider range of promotional products, at www.inspirepromotionalproducts.ie. Happy holidays!