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How to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Being sustainable and eco-friendly is more than just a passing trend, and many of us have incorporated the movement into at least part of our daily lives — from using LED light bulbs to recycling our cereal boxes. But what about our workplaces?



Studies have shown that “green” offices result in happier and more productive employees. Here are our 6 tips to help you go green in the workplace:



The Greenest Paper is No Paper At All 


Almost every industry has relied on paper at one point or another. From pay slips to schedules to annual reports, it can be easy to keep mindlessly pressing that print button. However, going completely digital has never been easier. Store all of your files on a cloud drive, post schedules on a digital calendar, and use tools such as Google Drive to share your documents. You’ll use less paper, while keeping your office tidier and more organised at the same time.


Ensure that employees stay productive in and out of the office -- without lugging around documents -- with one of our keychain flash drives. They’re eco-friendly, reliable, and can be custom engraved with your logo.


Accessorise With Plants

If your office space has been feeling a little drab lately, there’s nothing better than a potted plant to bring it back to life. Not only will a little green brighten up the workplace, but it will also improve the overall indoor air quality. This is because plants produce oxygen, which will help the room feel cleaner, fresher and happier. 


Surprise your employees with some new office decor, such as this desktop garden! The more green the merrier, and if each staff member has the chance to grow their own plant, they’re more likely to get involved (and keep them watered). This is also a great gift idea for new hires — a sustainable welcome to the team!


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Your office probably (hopefully) already has a recycling bin, but how else can you implement the three pillars of an eco-friendly lifestyle into your workplace? First, you can get more than one recycling bin, clearly marking them for paper, plastic/glass and food scraps. You can also invest in simple kitchen utensils that will motivate your employees to reduce their plastic waste, such as a set of communal dishes and silverware, or a French press coffee maker instead of a Keurig machine.  


Of course, coffee is a must during the workweek, and communal mugs can be a sustainable way to give employee’s their fix at the office. However, long commutes and lunch hours often result in a quick run to Starbucks, leading to additional waste. Keep the eco-friendly momentum going with a collapsible travel mug for all your employees. It easily folds down to pocket-sized, making it perfect when on the go.


Encourage Environmentally-Friendly Commutes

Driving to work is not only a major stress-inducer — it’s also terrible for the environment. Encourage employees to find alternate means of transportation with office additions such as a bike rack or a carpool email thread. If possible, you could also offer free or discounted public transportation passes (you’d get to deduct these costs from your annual taxes!).  


Incentivise these sustainable modes of transport with small branded gifts for each employee that commits to them. For example, you could give everyone who cycles, walks, runs or takes public transport to and from work a pair of bluetooth headphones printed with your company logo!


Be Careful What You Purchase

So much of what we consume is produced thousands of miles away, under conditions that we may know nothing about. Ethical and sustainable products ensure that the people in your supply chain are treated fairly and the environmental impact is reduced. While you should definitely be recycling the office supplies that you are already using, you should also invest in some new, green products.  


Look for products that have been made from post-consumer materials, such as paper and plastic. Also look for green items that can be reused or repurposed, such as this duo recycled pen. It was made from recycled paper and corn starch, and can be refilled with blue or black ink.


Create Monthly Team Challenges

The most successful eco-friendly workplaces are the ones that get everyone involved. You can only do so much if you are the only one recycling your waste from lunch. In order to get people excited about going green, implement a monthly challenge or competition. Set specific goals — such as walking or cycling to work for a month — and reward those who complete the challenge with small prizes. 


Make these challenges into a team building event with prizes that everyone will want to work – and recycle – for. You could offer a work-from-home day (which also reduces the need to commute) or a stylish, biodegradable tote bag printed with a fun design or logo (a great alternative to plastic shopping bags).


Here at Inspire, we want to make the world a little bit greener, and we’d love to help you do the same! In addition to the sustainable products we’ve highlighted here, we also offer an entire range of eco-friendly promotional goodies at www.inspirepromotionalproducts.ie