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How to Pick the Perfect Staff Uniform

You know that old saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? As it turns out, when we wear certain uniforms, we actually do take on the characteristics associated with them. 



Choosing the right uniform for your business is essential for both your employees and your clients. Not only is your staff more likely to exhibit the behaviors necessary for the job if they have a uniform that matches it, but your customers are more likely to trust a company that enforces a uniform. In fact, a recent study found that 65% of people say that seeing an employee in a uniform positively affects their perception of the company. 


Here are our four tips to help you pick the perfect staff uniform for your employees and your business:



1. Focus on Comfort


When it comes to choosing a workplace uniform, the needs and opinions of your employees should always come first. This is because they are the people that will be wearing the uniform day in and day out while they are representing your company. If they don’t feel their best in your uniform, it will show. 


To keep everyone happy and comfortable, choose a fabric and fit that is most conducive to the tasks your employees perform on a daily basis. If they are interacting with clients in a customer service position, you probably want something more fitted and made out of a softer material. On the other hand, if they are doing more manual labour, you might want a looser shirt that wicks away moisture.   


While you want to adhere to the legal or functional requirements of your industry, you also want to give your staff the ability to express themselves. Try something like our jersey Gildan Standard shirts, which come in multiple colours and sleeve lengths, and can be printed with your logo.


2. Consider Your Brand

A uniform is a simple and effective way to increase your brand exposure. Your logo becomes instantly more memorable as clients start to associate it with the colours and style of your employees’ uniform. Even the daily commute becomes a chance for your staff to advertise your company brand! 


A clean and thoughtful uniform creates a sense of brand consistency for your company, improving its overall image. It also shows respect for your staff as members of a team.  


In order to keep your uniform consistent with your brand, choose designs and colours that match your logo and reflect your unique products or services. Even if you have multiple uniforms — for example, a hotel’s front desk staff might dress differently than its kitchen staff — they should all be cohesive and easily recognizable as belonging to your company. Try our easily customizable polo shirts, which can be designed in differing styles with a singular colour palette.


3. Portray Your Company Culture and Values

Not only will your uniform reflect your brand, but it will also demonstrate your company culture. Does your company value a modern, innovative approach to business, or a more professional and traditional approach? The uniform you choose should match the business environment your are trying to achieve. 


Think about how your customers or clients dress, then choose your staff uniform accordingly. What kind of culture and atmosphere do you want to create? What values and attitudes do you want to display?


While your uniform should be more casual or more formal depending on your company culture, you still want to stand out from the competition. If you are a modern, easygoing fresh food company, you should be the best dressed one in your area with a stylish fitted t-shirt. On the other hand, if you are a hard-hitting, professional law firm, you may want to switch out the expected suit for a more modern button-down shirt.


4. Stand Out in the Right Way

When a client or customer is interacting with your business, you want them to know exactly who to go to for help. Colourful uniforms will help your staff stand out from customers in a sales or hospitality setting. Additionally, if you employees don’t usually have a specific dress code, a coordinated color scheme will attract the eye of visitors at an expo or conference. 


Design a uniform that is memorable, but still appropriate for your company and industry. Bright, bold colours might be perfect for an innovative start-up company, but they may not work in a corporate office where muted outfits are the norm. Similarly, light and bright colours give off a crisp and clean impression, but don’t always work for jobs that involve getting a little messy, such as in a restaurant or garden shop. 


Look for a uniform that has multiple colour and design options, such as these Keya sweatshirts. Also don’t be afraid to mix it up with a bold baseball cap, printed with your logo!




When choosing a uniform, a good supplier can make or break the outcome. Here at Inspire, we want to help you find a uniform that reflects what makes your business unique. We can assist with everything from choosing the best colour, to placing the logo, to picking the right fabric. 


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