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How to Stay Warm and Cosy This Winter in Ireland


You’ve probably felt it coming…. The sun sinking down earlier, the chill creeping up in the mornings and evenings, the sky always on the brink of rain. Winter is upon us. 


What’s more, this winter is rumored to be the coldest one on record. That means that it’s time to get prepared for the dark and gloomy months ahead of us!


In order to survive the next few months, both at the office and at home, here are our tips and tricks for staying warm, cosy and, most importantly, dry this winter!



Think: Layers


The best way to stay warm, dry and cosy during the wet and cold Irish winter is by bundling up. Think of it this way: There is no such thing as too many fluffy blankets, chunky jumpers or fuzzy socks. (An abundance of these will also help you save on that pesky heating bill.)


In order to stay warm and cosy wherever you are -- whether you are walking home from the train or grabbing an after-work pint next to the fire at the pub -- make sure you always have more than one soft layer wrapped around your body. 


In Ireland, many office buildings and workspaces have a knack for letting the chill in during the cold and wet months. Ensure that your employees are staying cosy and warm all winter long by gifting them with a soft company jumper to keep at their desk. Printed with your company logo, this one also has the added bonus of creating a uniform look in your space.





Bring the Outside In


As the cold weather creeps in, you’re probably finding yourself spending less time outdoors and more time within the confines of your office and home. Unfortunately, these spaces can get really old really fast, soon feeling almost claustrophobic. 


In order to stay connected to the outside world during these winter months, try to liven up these spaces by incorporating some natural elements. Stones or branches that you may have foraged make for cute decorative knick knacks, and they also do the trick of reminding you of a time of warmth, when you could go outside for an afternoon stroll. According to the philosophy of hygge (which essentially means cosiness in Danish), wood accents also help you feel closer to nature, even while you are trapped inside. 

If that isn’t your style, you can’t go wrong with a houseplant. These liven up any space, helping it to feel a bit warmer and cosier than before. Incorporate a little green to your office with this eco-friendly and promotional desktop garden. It makes for the perfect corporate gift when the skies turn grey and trees outside become bare.




Stay Hydrated With Warming Food and Drinks


October is the time of harvest in Ireland, and that means bringing some delicious -- and warm -- food to the table. Look out for squash, carrots and steaming bangers and mash in order to keep your insides warm and happy. 


If you want the best of the best, head to the Savour Kilkenny food festival from October 22nd to the 28th. Here, the country’s best chefs will be whipping up a hot plate of the best produce, just for your delight. And with multiple inside venues, you’ll quickly forget about the chilly weather outside. 


For those especially rainy days, there is nothing warmer or cosier than a hot cup of your favourite tea. Sip it while cuddled on the couch on the weekend, or use it to warm your hands at the office. Help your employees make the most out of the cold winter with a promotional tea box, which holds up to 30 tea bags -- making it perfect for stashing tea, and a small bit of cosiness, at their desks. 




Bundle Up and Go For a Nature Walk


While many of us cope with the change of season by becoming shut-ins, this is not the only option for winter in Ireland (and, as we mentioned earlier, it can get a bit suffocating).  Ireland’s countryside comes to life in October: The leaves change, the tides swell and there is not a tourist in sight. 


From October 25th to 28th, the Wicklow Mountains play host to the annual Wicklow Walking Festival in order to celebrate the trees turning from green to shades of orange and red. Get excited for woodland hikes, fireside sessions and even some night walks. Nothing is cosier than snuggling up next to a fire with loved ones after spending a day in the crisp air. 


Make this trek cosy and warm by bundling up before you hit the trail. This turn-over rain coat can be printed with your company logo, making it a perfect gift for employees or clients who are looking to trade in four walls for the great outdoors this winter. 



As our days of sun become numbered, it’s essential to get yourself and your employees prepared for the cold and dark days ahead. After all, winter doesn’t have to be miserable, as long as you incorporate as much warmth and cosiness as possible! 


Check out the hygge-approved products we’ve highlighted here, as well as our wider range of products for any season or occasion, at www.inspirepromotionalproducts.ie. Stay warm out there!