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Why Branded and Promotional Products Are Essential For Your Business


Did you know that promotional products are just as effective today as they were a decade ago? 


In fact, products printed with your logo are some of the best forms of advertising when it comes to increasing brand awareness and generating leads in 2020. After all, who doesn’t love a free and useful gift? 


Here are four ways that branded and promotional products can help you grow and connect with your clientele this year:



Make Marketing Affordable


Most of our modern advertising efforts are done online, and that is in large part due to the decreased cost of digital marketing. However, promotional products may be one of the last types of physical marketing that still competes with these new digital techniques. 


In other words, promotional items give you some serious bang for your buck. 


That’s because manufacturers lower costs for creating and distributing products in mass amounts, without compromising on quality. That means that despite this low price tag for you, the receiver will likely over estimate the cost and value of their gift. 


What’s more, most consumers will use a promotional product for about six months, and then pass it on to a friend or colleague, therefore increasing the number of impressions that product makes for no cost at all. 


Compared to a social media advertisement that may be seen once and then scrolled past and forgotten about, or an email that can be quickly deleted, this type of advertising campaign continues to grow in scale over an extended period of time. Every time it is used and passed on -- which may be for weeks to months to even years -- your return on investment grows. 


Want to give clients a product that they are sure to use every day for months on end? You can’t go wrong with a simple mug, branded with your logo, such as this ceramic one




Effectively Boost Brand Recognition


If the main goal of your advertising campaign is to increase brand recognition, look no further than promotional products printed with your company logo. 


With a promotional item, consumers and clients are exposed to your brand every day -- whether it is on their desks, in their closets or on their keychain. The more exposure they have to your brand, the more likely they are going to think of your company the next time they need the products or services you offer. This is the perfect way to reinforce your marketing message without annoying the consumer with pop-up messages or spam emails. 


In fact, 89% of people who received a promotional product in the last two years remembered the name of the company who gave it to them. That’s the percentage of people who will recognise your company when out shopping, or browsing online, or attending an industry event. 


What’s more, 85% of people do business with a company after receiving a promotional product from them. 


These items act as business cards (but more useful): They contain all the information a client would need to get in touch with you and make a purchase, while also being practical for daily use. You can also add any designs or hashtags that you want associated with your brand, which will give clients a way to engage with you on multiple platforms. 


For a product with a lot of design potential that is easy to reach for throughout the way, opt for a customised baseball cap like this one. There’s enough room for your entire logo and then some, and whenever your client wears it people will be recognising your brand. 




Give Your Business a Physical Touch


When so much of our business is done online these days, something tangible goes a long way. As we mentioned before, digital advertising passes across a client’s eyes and disappears with a simple click. Promotional products, on the other hand, are used by half of receivers every single day


Even if your clients don’t realise it, every time they pick up your promotional water bottle or pen, they are remembering your advertisement. That’s definitely a good way to stand out from the competition. 


What’s more, a physical gift feels more personal. It gives your clients a chance to interact with your company in a way they couldn’t do with a social media or email campaign. Receiving something you can hold and use is way more exciting than receiving an offer code for €5 off your next online purchase, and it feels like something that is just for them. 


Additionally, if you choose to offer your branded items at local industry or community events, this is also a chance for you to actually meet your clients in person. 


For an enhanced impact, choose a promotional item that encourages your client to physically use it. If your company sells golf-related products or services, or caters toward an audience who might enjoy hitting the green every once and awhile, a good product might be this golf gift box




Turn Both Clients and Employees Into Brand Ambassadors


While promotional products are often used for advertising campaigns, clients and potential customers are not the only people who get value from them. Gifting employees with a thoughtful branded item helps build loyalty and boost excitement in the workplace. 


Promotional products are perfect giveaways for workplace competitions, annual holidays or successful quarters. They can work as great employee incentives, as well as simply helping your staff feel like part of a larger team. In fact, employees who have received a pen, stress ball or coffee mug with their company logo state feeling immediately more proud of representing the company. 


In this way, promotional items are a great way to transform both your clients and your employees into brand ambassadors. They are like a glowing walking advertisement wherever they go. For example:


  • If your employee is happy with your company, they can give away these products to friends and families with pride and a recommendation. It looks great for your brand if the people who work for you want to wear and use products customised with your logo outside of the office. 


  • If a client is happy with the products or services they received from your company, they can give away these products with a referral. Customers who are satisfied with a promotional product are actually 500% more likely to make a referral for your company. 

To give your employees and clients their start as your latest brand ambassador, give them something that will make them feel like part of the team. Nothing says teamwork quite like a cosy hoodie emblazoned with your logo (such as this one) -- especially when everyone in your workplace is sporting it!




When in doubt, try out a promotional product advertising campaign! Here at Inspire, we have a wide range of products in every category you could imagine, from technology to wellness to outdoors items. 


Check out all of the promotional products we mentioned here, as well as many more, at www.inspirepromotionalproducts.ie