These collapsible silicone water bottles are made from eco-friendly food grade BPA-free silicone. With a soft silicone body the bendable water bottle is easy to fold up when empty, saving a lot of space when carrying it around. These functional sports bottles are supplied with a silicone strap so they can be easily transported inside or outside a backpack, making them ideal for sporting activities, training at the gym, camping, travelling, biking, hiking and lots more. This useful promotional gift has a great advertising area for company logos on the silicone part. There would be no use for a reusable bottle if you weren?t able to easily clean them and that?s why every part is dishwasher (and microwave) friendly.

Print type and position

Bottle Body: 8(w) x 20(h)

Bottle Body: 8(w) x 20(h)

All dimensions are in millimetres

CFMFL_K8 Collapsible Tower Bottles
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