Includes 8 x 70mm or 54mm White bamboo shank printed tees, 1 x Flix Lite automatic opening divot/repair tool with removable ball marker and 2 x Wilson Ultra golf balls printed on 1 pole. Must be ordered in 6's.
Colors Option:
1. Tees: White (default colour), Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Baby Pink, Neon Pink, Silver, Gold, Dark Grey, Green, Dark Green, Neon Green, Natural.
2. Tool: Black, White, Red, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, Orange, Green.

Print type and position

Golf Ball: 35(w) x 13(h)
Tees: 35(w) x 13(h)
Ball Marker: 35(w) x 13(h)

All dimensions are in millimetres

FLET Flix Lite Essential Golf Tube
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Lead time

22 working days

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