Evoking that sense of rustic simplicity, the robust Traveller Canteen is a must-have product for those who prefer a more outdoorsy, homespun aesthetic in their liquid containing devices. Crafted from the finest food grade stainless steels, and furnished with exquisite bamboo, the Traveller Canteen is free from undesirable chemicals such as the infamous BPA or Phthalates. But wait, there's more! Equipped with a rubber seal and screw top lid, the reliable Traveller Canteen will not leak. And if all that hasn't got you pitching a tent, the Traveller Canteen is available in 3 colours, with an option for that holiest of printing grails, full colour.

Print type and position

Laser Engraved
Back: 80(w) x 35(h)
Front: 80(w) x 35(h)
Lid: 35(d)

All dimensions are in millimetres

C5601 Traveller Canteen - Bamboo Lid (500ml)

Lead time

14 working days

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